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Fats in Chinese medicine support the nourishment of your ‘Yin’. Yin is the most nourishing, feminine aspect of your body’s energy. Strong Yin is like a tree with a big, wide trunk. Very little can affect/impact/move/hurt a strong, grounded tree compared to a malnourished twig. When I’m treating women trying to fall pregnant, the most [&h

If your baby isn’t head down by 32-34 weeks, it’s a great time to start looking for natural options to encourage this to happen. Your obstetrician may have already discussed plans for a c-section or an external cephalic version. Both medical options have risks. Acupuncture and moxibustion are safe and effective natural options because they […]

Recently, a comprehensive research paper was published in Fertility and Sterility detailing the effects of aging and environmental factors on egg, sperm and embryo growth and development. When you look at the statistics of IVF, the numbers aren’t great. Out of all eggs that are retrieved, only 7% of those will result in a full term […]

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