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AcupunctureMoxibustion (Moxa) for Breech Baby

Moxibustion (Moxa) for Breech Baby

How to use moxa sticks to improve a breech baby’s position. Optimising baby’s position in the pelvis is really supportive for avoiding delayed labour and experiencing a more relaxed, less painful birth, as well as a more comfortable cesarean section.
I do find the outcomes are even better when combined with a course of acupuncture. There are many reasons a baby may not be in an ideal position including reduced blood flow, hip tightness, inflammation, poor emptying of bowels, low amniotic fluid, inflexibility of the muscles around the hips and back. 
For centuries, this moxibustion technique has been used…not to ‘turn’ babies in utero, but to improve the quality of space available so that if it’s safe for baby to move, they can move into the best position for birth.
The technique involves using warmth from a moxa stick to stimulate acupuncture point BL 67 on the pinkie toe. It can be used for any malposition (or position other than head down, facing towards the back). 
The benefit of this low cost, safe and easy technique is that it can’t cause baby to move if there is something unsafe stopping it. Acupuncture is all about balance and optimising health. It can’t be used to move your baby into a bad position. If it doesn’t work, it will just do nothing. Although having 20 min of time to mindfully be doing something for yourself each day would still provide some health benefits. 

You will need:
    • moxa stick – get in touch to purchase one if you need
    • 1 x small glass or ceramic bowl half filled with water
    • a comfortable chair/lounge/seat away from pets and distractions
    • 1 x candle
    • 1 x old towel – the moxa stick will ash

To do:

  1. Light the end of the moxa stick with the candle until the entire end is burning – this can take a few minutes the first time
  2. Sit comfortably with your ankle up beside you (see pic), so you can easily reach your pinkie toe
  3. Hold the burning end of the moxa stick approximately 1cm away from the end of your pinkie toe (see pic). Ash the moxa stick as regularly as required on the side of the glass bowl
  4. As soon as you feel your toe get too warm/hot, move it away for a couple of seconds and then move it closer again until it gets warm/hot again. Continue to do this for 10 min on each side
  5. Repeat every day for 5 days. Have two days break of not doing it and then again for 5 days. Keep doing this until baby’s position changes, confirmed by an ultrasound or until you get to 38 weeks
  6. To end the session, place the moxa in the water bowl to put it out or place it in sand or rice. Check on it a few minutes later to confirm it’s out before putting it away. Leave it in the sun to dry and alternate burning ends if not dry in between

Always keep it out of reach from children and pets. 

Get in touch if you have any questions. 

Paige x

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