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My Method


Paige Waters

Hi, I’m Paige Waters. I was born on the Gold Coast and love the supportive community of women and health practitioners here. I opened my first acupuncture clinic eight years ago after graduating from my acupuncture degree in Melbourne. I didn’t know I was going to focus on fertility and pregnancy, until I realised that’s mainly what I was doing and loving it. The importance of the right support became more obvious when I went through my own fertility challenges.

I now have two beautiful daughters and so much to teach women and families going through their fertility and pregnancy experiences.

I use a combination of ancient Chinese medicine practices with modern researched protocols to treat your unique cause of concern. I use the highest quality Japanese needles and a gentle needle technique for pain-free acupuncture treatments. In all of your sessions, you will be given individual lifestyle and dietary advice to support your treatment.

I can’t guarantee you a baby, I can’t guarantee you just one IVF cycle. I can’t guarantee you an easy symptom free pregnancy. What I can promise you, is that you will be heard, respected, supported, treated as an individual and together we will learn about your body and ensure your fertility and pregnancy story is a positive one.

Paige x


Bachelor of Exercise Science, Master of Applied Science (Acupuncture) Registered with AHPRA and the Chinese Medicine Board of Australia
Member of Australian Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Association.

Education and Training by these Influential Women

Naava Carmen – Recurrent miscarriage and Reproductive Immunology 

Debra Betts – Acupuncture for Miscarriage Prevention and Luteal Phase Support

Labour preparation, delayed labour, high risk pregnancy conditions

Claudia Citkovitz – Pregnancy, Birth and Post Partum

Heather Bruce – Fertility and Pregnancy Support

Jane Lyttleton (owner of The Acupuncture Pregnancy Clinics in Sydney) – Chinese medicine and Fertility Support

Randine Lewis – Reproductive Medical Ethics and Psychology of the Infertility Patient

Fiona McCulloch – Treating Ovulatory Disorders with Evidence Based Natural Medicine

Kristin Wolfe – Fertility and Pregnancy

Clare Pyers – Treatment of Thyroid Conditions Master Class




You will be treated with respect, openness and your informed choices will be respected, always


You will never feel alone in writing a positive ending to your fertility story


I use a combination of evidence based medicine and ancient Chinese medicine protocols to treat you safely and effectively


I work with your fertility specialist and other health care providers for the best outcomes


Introducing Ambre

A 35 year old single female going through IVF for her first pregnancy. Possible PCOS – although not officially diagnosed (mentioned at an ultrasound by her fertility specialist), a history of period loss for 12 months at 25 years old. Intermittent OCP use from 16 years old until 30 years old. Otherwise regular cycles, feels like ovulates around day 20, but not confirmed. No family history of fertility issues. No other health complaints to report.

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