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If you’ve never had acupuncture before, it can be a bit daunting knowing what to expect with your first acupuncture treatment. If the fear of the unknown is stopping you from making an appointment, here’s an insight into what you can expect. This is the email you receive from me after you’ve made your first […]

I hear this often. It is usually in the first consult when I ask if you’ve been on The Pill before and many women say, “yes, from 16 years old to ‘regulate’ my cycle”. Most often, the pill is used to reduce bleeding, improve acne, reduce period pain and other PMS symptoms including mood changes. […]

In Chinese medicine, the thyroid doesn’t exist. Well not as an organ, more as a series of functions. Very important functions. Especially for fertility (and infertility), pregnancy, post partum and ongoing hormone regulation. This can, however make treating the thyroid a little tricky. It often means treating symptoms as they pop up, instead of holistical

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