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Are you worried that your vaginal health might be impacting your fertility orpregnancy? The vaginal microbiome refers to the collection of microorganisms, includingbacteria, fungi and viruses that naturally inhabit the vaginal environment. Thesemicrobial inhabitants play a crucial role in maintaining your intimate health.New understandings in this area suggest

Fertility or Womb Hara massage is an external, non invasive massage style designed to release tension, move stagnated blood, energy and fluid in the abdomen, release tight muscles, improve organ placement and support health of your ovaries and uterus. Jody’s unique massage style is based on ancient Chinese Chi New Tsang abdominal massage, effleurage and [

Hydration is so important for women trying to conceive, women experiencing morning sickness and vomiting, pregnant women, women in labour and of course post natal. It’s super important while breastfeeding. And sometimes water just doesn’t cut it! I didn’t realise how many women are drinking those sugar filled blue and purple electrolyte drinks

Introducing a new treatment at Paige Waters Acupuncture. Optimal health really is about good blood flow. Fertility, improved egg health, improved sperm health, improved libido, improved immunity has all been shown with improved blood flow. I’ve put together some information for you below. Please email if you have any qu

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