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BreastfeedingNew Protein Powder: Clean Energy

New Protein Powder: Clean Energy

As women, we often don’t eat enough good quality protein. Your body needs proteins and healthy fats to ovulate, make progesterone, stabilise blood sugars, help feel full and reduce snacking. This fermented brown rice protein powder has so many great ingredients including…supergreens, wheat grass, spirulina, sweet potato, chlorella as well as an organic bio-fermented raw sprouted whole grain brown rice protein. It is made by an integrative doctor who couldn’t find one with everything she knew we needed.

I suggest for most women to have a protein smoothie in between lunch and dinner. I don’t recommend it in the morning as most health practitioners do as it’s too cold for your digestive system in Chinese medicine and can make you feel sluggish in the early morning. I make a big batch and my girls (4yo and 17 months old) and I have it over two days.

Perfect for post partum women and breastfeeding mums too. Also good for men – especially those not eating well during the day as busy at work with poor healthy choices available. Super easy to make ahead of time and keep cool in an insulated smoothie holder.

My smoothie recipe:

1 scoop protein powder

2 teaspoons chia seeds

Big dollop of full fat yogurt, coconut if dairy free or even half an avocado makes it nice and smooth

350mL of chosen liquid (more than the tub says due to the chia seeds soaking water)

Frozen fruit if you like

1 tablespoon of flaxseed oil

Some vanilla past and/or honey to taste


In summer, I freeze them into popsicle holders for a healthy ice block for the kids (and me).

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