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Self Care in IVF

Post eggpickup

  • plan to do absolutely nothing after egg pick up – sit at home watching tv, sleeping etc. 
  • back to some mild exercise like walking from the day after pick up but still taking it easy
  • add a wheat heat bag the day after to help with pain/bloating
  • plan to eat warm, really easy to digest foods – avoid gluten, dairy and cold foods as they can contribute to bloating and pain
  • acupuncture the day after can help reduce pain and bloating
  • increased protein and green vegetables helps to move fluid out of your abdomen – room temp protein shake, slow cooked meals, soups and broths ideal
  • increase salt in your diet for a couple of days as it can help move water out of your interstitial fluid spaces

Transfer Day

  • A walk in the morning and a big nutritious breakfast around 1-2 hours before transfer. If very early transfer, just something with fats and proteins like half an avocado or a couple of boiled eggs
  • Lots of water in the morning – the clinic may have asked for a ‘comfortably full bladder’
    Closed in shoes/slippers to keep feet warm
  • Plan to have a relaxed afternoon – something involving a funny movie – research has shown improved pregnancy outcomes with laughter post transfer
  • Bring a snack to have between your transfer and your second acupuncture appointment 
  • Research has shown that having unprotected sex the night before a frozen embryo transfer can improve pregnancy outcomes because of the ‘natural fluid environment’
  • For dinner Ramen, chicken soup, slow cooked meal or a warm casserole would be ideal
  • Back to normal activity from the day after transfer, expect implantation to happen around 72 hours after a five day transfer
  • Keep feet warm, some mild intensity exercise and eating warm and nutritious food will be helpful

Post transfer until blood test

  • Avoid heart rate getting up too high – mild exercise that your body is used to is great, walking regularly is a good option
  • Avoid overheating – no saunas, avoid sick people to avoid virus related high temps
  • Avoid heat packs on your low abdomen/pelvis
  • Keep up all your healthy eating
  • Lots of water
  • Mindfulness – ‘Mindful IVF’ is a great app you can download
  • Keeping feet warm

Best of luck!

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