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AcupunctureBenefits of Monthly Acupuncture: Self Care

Benefits of Monthly Acupuncture: Self Care

Address minor health complaints – single acupuncture treatments may help alleviate acute conditions like headaches, neck pain, low back ache, period pain, constipation, bloating

Disease prevention through stress relief  – stress has consistently been shown to cause or worsen some diseases. Acupuncture treatments reduce the stress hormone cortisol and increased happy hormones such as endorphins

Address symptoms of PMS – a well timed treatment 5-7 days before a period is due may reduce associated hormone symptoms like bloating, pain, headaches, breast pain and irritability

Calm ‘mum rage’ – for all the mums. Some time out, acupuncture to move stuck Qi and reduce heat in the liver that can contribute to anger and some time to express all of your frustrations can help reduce feelings of anger

Improve sleep – most clients experience better sleep almost immediately after an acupuncture treatment. Timing your treatment to be in the evening may help this even more

More refreshing than a nap – more restoring so you have more energy

Easier than meditation – at least with acupuncture, you don’t have to ‘do’ anything. You leave all the work to me!

Accountability and reminder of healthy habits – checking in monthly with a health practitioner about your healthy or unhealthy habits can just keep you on track. Checking in with health goals, suggesting food swaps and lifestyle changes or just letting you know you’re doing amazing as you are

Continuity of care – having a healthcare practitioner provide quality care over an extended period of time can improve outcomes for people with chronic conditions. Checking in regularly, reporting regular changes in health conditions can support practitioners to make the changes necessary quicker and involve other services when needed too

Perhaps most importantly – Feel held, heard and healed. For just one hour, every month.

It is hard to find time, but it’s important to ‘fill your bucket first so it can overflow to those around you’ x

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