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McDonald’s Chips and Embryo Transfer Day

What is with the IVF myth of eating McDonald’s French fries immediately after your embryo transfer?

This seems to be a long standing tradition amongst women going through IVF.

The reason it may possibly have some impact is because the chips are high in salt. Salt helps reduce water retention and some symptoms associated with controlled hyperstimulation as you experience in a stimulated IVF cycle.

The salt in your digestive system encourages water to move from around your ovaries, into your digestive system. This can improve pain and bloating associated with ovarian hyperstimulation.

Enjoying McDonald’s fries with a frozen embryo transfer may not be as beneficial as your ovaries haven’t been overstimulated and there isn’t any fluid retention.

Of course there are other healthier salty options you could have if you didn’t want to buy salty chips cooked in poor quality oil. A warm, salty ramen, salted nuts, smoked or cured meat including bacon for example.

You could also look at acupuncture as a treatment option to support your hyperstimulation symptoms. Acupuncture can improve water metabolism, alleviate pain and improve circulation.
The other thing this ‘ritual’ does for women and couples going through IVF, is gives back some control over the cycle. You can often feel helpless, like there isn’t anything more you can do at the time to help fall pregnant and I think that’s an important to consider.

So, will it hurt, as a one off meal? Definitely not. Are there healthier options that can support your chances of pregnancy – yes.

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