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EDUCATIONReasons to Temperature Chart for Fertility

Reasons to Temperature Chart for Fertility

Temperature charting is just one method in fertility awareness. In Chinese medicine, it’s incredibly important for me to be able to diagnose and track progress. Here are all the reasons I find it helpful to temperature chart for fertility

  • Help identify your fertile window
  • Indicate areas where more testing needs to occur
  • Identify causes of cycle dysregulation and infertility
  • Track progress of treatment
  • Feel informed and confident

Help identify your fertile window. This is the number one thing for falling pregnant. Only 13% of women ovulate on day 14 of their cycles. More commonly I’m seeing women ovulating more towards days 17-21. Identifying your fertility window can help time intercourse and also identify any problems with your fertile window.


Indicate where more testing needs to occur. For example, when I see consistent low follicular temperatures, slow change in temperatures around ovulation or a slow rise in temps after ovulation, I recommend looking further into thyroid health. If I see temperatures taking longer than ideal to come down after the start of a period, I look further into possible causes of pelvic inflammation and or endometriosis. If I see short luteal phases, or luteal phases that increase and then decrease sharply, I suggest progesterone testing.


Identify causes of cycle dysregulation and infertility. Seeing imbalances with your temperatures can help identify causes of problems with egg quality, ovulation, implantation and concerns in early pregnancy.


Track progress. Consistent tracking over months, especially during treatment can show improved patterns, more consistent ovulation, increased luteal phase temps, more stable follicular temps and early pregnancy support.


Feel informed and confident. Knowing more about your body and it’s state of health, understanding your fertile window and seeing positive changes with treatment help feel confident in your body’s ability to conceive.

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