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Self CareChinese New Year – The Year of the Yin Water Rabbit

Chinese New Year – The Year of the Yin Water Rabbit

Like most Westerners, once a year I’m interested in what Chinese astrology predicts for my future. I don’t pretend to know anything about it except for how it relates to Chinese medicine theories, yin and yang balance and energetic changes.

The theory of the animal signs is that the year corresponding to that particular animal, will be experienced through the energy similar to that animal in behaviour, characteristics, strengths and weaknesses.

Everything is about energy after all. We have gone from a Yang Water Tiger year to a Yin Water Rabbit year. The Water aspect is the same but the difference can be seen if you can imagine Yang Water is like a fast moving rapid and Yin Water is like a calm, still lake.

The Rabbit is associated with peace, prosperity, fertility and longevity in Asia.

I think we’re all looking for a change of pace, some hope, some healing and calming vibes after the last 3 years of challenges. And it seems that is predicted for the coming year.

My takeaway points for you…

What to expect in 2023, the year of the Rabbit

  • We will have opportunities for relaxation, quietness and contemplation
  • The rabbit is historically known as the most gentle and tender of the 12 animals, this year should be kind to us (fingers crossed)
  • 2023 embodies Yin, the passivity, relaxation, fluidity, quietness and contemplation
  • Rest, nurturing the body and soul will all be priorities for us this year if you listen to your ‘Rabbity’ instincts
  • The Yin water means a more fluid aspect to the year. Attempting to ‘go with the flow’ will be supported
  • Rabbits are social and affectionate (they love to cuddle….and mate!) which could support opportunities for love and connection….and babies!
  • This year could heal relationships, strengthen connections, make friends, find love, make babies

I may be a little partial to this year as my Chinese animal is a rabbit. From what I understand, challenges for us all this year will be if we don’t listen to the fluid, quiet, calm aspects of the year, we could be easily burnt out.

Prioritising rest and recovery is really important….to prepare us for the Yang Wood Dragon year in 2024!

Paige x

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