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AcupunctureAcupuncture and Ovulation

Acupuncture and Ovulation

In Chinese medicine, ovulation requires the right amount of nutrients and blood (Yin) as well as warmth and a smooth flow of Qi to ‘drop’ and move the egg down the Fallopian tube (Yang).
I often describe it to women like ripening a lemon (no idea why a lemon, pick any fruit that works for you). Things that can delay ovulation include a deficiency of nutrients and blood, cold and or a block to a smooth flow of Qi.
Prior to ovulation, acupuncture helps warm and build blood. Then there is a really cool treatment I do to encourage ovulation to occur. I call it ‘shaking the lemon tree’.
I use points to warm and dilate blood vessels in the pelvis and then Qi moving points to ‘drop’ the lemon (egg). Then we watch your temperature charts to confirm ovulation and move onto luteal phase support and early pregnancy support.
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