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Benefits of Fertility Massage

Fertility or Womb Hara massage is an external, non invasive massage style designed to release tension, move stagnated blood, energy and fluid in the abdomen, release tight muscles, improve organ placement and support health of your ovaries and uterus.

Jody’s unique massage style is based on ancient Chinese Chi New Tsang abdominal massage, effleurage and Mayan abdominal massage techniques.

Your pelvis is the house of your uterus, bladder, large intestine and ovaries. Problems occur in your pelvis when blood doesn’t move smoothly, when fluid doesn’t move smoothly, when energy becomes stagnated with stress (often as a result of fertility challenges), immune system dysfunction or poor hormone health.

Very little thought is given to the ligaments, organ placement, smooth muscle, fluid and blood flow through the pelvis until we start investigating causes of infertility. The ovaries and uterus are supposed to be fluid in the pelvis, not adhered to other organs, or each other.

The Fallopian tubes are supposed to be filtering fluid from the uterus but can get stuck with mucous, blood and immune debris.

Fertility massage that focuses specifically on improving the fluidity of these organs, the movement of blood, body fluids and qi and the massage of muscles and intestine can improve overall wellbeing, but also support fertility.

Timing of treatment when trying to fall pregnant is best from just after your period has finished to ovulation. Avoid stimulating the lower pelvis after ovulation if there’s a possibility of pregnancy.

When timing fertility massage with your IVF cycle, regular massage up until the start of your stimulated cycle would be ideal. Massage while in the stimulated phase of your cycle would benefit blood flow and medication delivery to your ovaries. During a frozen cycle, anytime between the end of your period and transfer would work well.

Fertility massage can be really supportive after a miscarriage and D&C procedure too. Connecting heart and uterus energy after a miscarriage is important. So is moving blood, qi and fluids. Being cared by a beautiful practitioner helps you feel nourished and supported too which is so important at this time.

Benefits of Fertility Massage

  • Improve blood flow
  • Alleviate pain and discomfort – ovulation pain and period pain
  • Improve breathing
  • Support healthy ovulation
  • Improve lymphatic drainage
  • Support fluid movement of ligaments and organ placement
  • Feel calm, relaxed and grounded

If you have any questions about how fertility massage can support your fertility story, please get in touch. You can also make an appointment with Jody at the clinic on a Friday by following the booking link.

You can find more information on Jody’s website – x

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