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AcupunctureWhat is moxa?

What is moxa?

It’s a really common question in clinic…what is moxa, closely followed by ‘what does it do?’

Moxa is a herb and moxibustion is an ancient technique which involves the burning of moxa to promote healing and wellbeing.

In clinic, I use a smokeless moxa that sits on the top of needles and another type of moxa that sits directly on the skin. Moxibustion is safe and relaxing when used by a trained practitioner. I often send women home with moxa sticks to do some home treatments between acupuncture treatments too.

This herb is found underneath the leaves of the mugwort plant. In its natural form it is a small spongy herb. Like all other herbs, moxa has specific healing properties which include blood moving, warming, removal of cold stagnation, pain reduction and strengthening the energy of your internal organs.

The Chinese symbol for acupuncture literally translates as ‘acupuncture and moxibustion’, identifying the importance of these two therapies used together. They are a Yin and Yang pair. Acupuncture moves Qi and Moxa warms and nourishes Qi.

Used together, they are used to build energy and redistribute it to heal and promote wellbeing.

The best thing about moxibustion is how incredibly relaxing you feel. It warms the body and dilates blood vessels to help you feel an overall calmness.

If you’d prefer your treatment without moxibustion though, please feel free to ask. Heat lamps and other methods of warming can be used instead.

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