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Pregnancy Acupuncture in Gold Coast

Pregnancy Acupuncture in Gold Coast

Creating a family is a dream for many women and families.

However, not everyone can fall pregnant easily or quickly, and many seek help to enhance their fertility and readiness for the pregnancy experience.

While medical professionals and treatments are available to help increase fertility conditions or diagnose and address any problems, why not try a more gentle, natural way – such as professional pregnancy acupuncture to help support your body during your fertility and pregnancy journey?

Acupuncture, when given by a registered practitioner is safe in all stages in pregnancy and may be effective to support complaints such as high blood pressure, delayed labour, breech presentation of fetus, headaches, blood flow restriction and anxiety in pregnancy.

Paige Waters Acupuncture pregnancy clinic provides compassionate, caring and personalised services in the Gold Coast area, with services available for help with natural conception or IVF support and in preparation for, during, and after your precious pregnancy.

So, trust Paige Waters acupuncture on the Gold Coast for functional pregnancy challenges such as acupuncture for morning sickness, acupuncture for high blood pressure in pregnancy, acupuncture for labour induction, acupuncture for pain in pregnancy, acupuncture for labour and overall acupuncture for women’s health.

Why Choose Us for Your Gold Coast Pregnancy Acupuncture?

No fertility approach can ever guarantee a successful conception and pregnancy.

However, we promise to respect you and your needs as a valued individual and help make your process and progress as comfortable and as positive as possible.

Rely on us for:

  • Targeted protocols: We use a focused acupuncture protocol to help improve egg health, sperm quality and quantity and support your body during your stimulated IVF cycle, natural FET cycle, HRT FET cycles as well as IUI support and ovulation induction support (Clomid or Letrozole cycles)
  • Treatment and pregnancy support: Alongside your midwife, Obstetrician or hospital care, we can offer acupuncture support throughout your whole pregnancy, for labour preparation, non medical labour induction and post-partum care
  • Emotional support: Fertility experiences, while inspiring and exciting, can also take an emotional toll. Acupuncture is a natural, calming, and reassuring experience, especially when performed by our confident, warm caring practitioners.

We combine ancient Chinese medicine techniques as well as modern practices. We only use high-quality, single use Japanese needles with a gentle Japanese acupuncture technique.

Beyond acupuncture, our services include tailored lifestyle and diet recommendations, practitioner-approved supplements, and on-hand email support. We also offer constitutional cosmetic acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine.

We work with your medical professionals to achieve your dream of growing your family.

So, choose Paige Waters Acupuncture today as your personal cheerleader and positive pregnancy story partner.

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