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IVF Acupuncture

IVF Acupuncture

Conceiving your longed-for baby can sometimes be challenging for various reasons, with many potential parents turning to IVF and other medical interventions and treatments to help them fall pregnant.

While undergoing IVF under the supervision of medical professionals is supported by reputable technologies, techniques and typically compassionate staff, complementary and supplementary alternative approaches can help keep your body and mood balanced, potentially assisting your body’s readiness and receptivity.

One beneficial natural and gentle approach includes IVF acupuncture, as offered by Paige Waters Fertility and Pregnancy Acupuncture clinic.

What to Expect from our IVF Acupuncture on the Gold Coast?

While no acupuncture approach can promise fertility, conception, and successful pregnancy, we guarantee complete, compassionate, and caring acupuncture and human support for your body and emotions in your fertility and pregnancy journey.

Our acupuncture for IVF services and support includes working with you and your IVF medical professional to help ensure you’re comfortable, your body is as prepared and receptive as possible, and the experience is as comfortable and positive as can be.

We use a tailored and proven protocol to follow your stimulated cycle, natural FET cycle, HRT cycle, and stimulated cycles, lovingly supporting you and your body at every stage of the process.

We also know how stressful IVF can be for you and your body. So we’re confident that the inherently calming nature of acupuncture, our beautiful and welcoming clinic environment, and our warm and relaxed staff and attitude will help comfort and reassure you and assist in gently addressing and reducing IVF-associated stress and strain.


Our personalised services also address beneficial lifestyle and diet changes with practitioner-only supplement recommendations. We are also available as and when needed in between sessions through unlimited email support.

Beyond IVF support, you can rely on us for continuous pregnancy support, labour preparation, acupuncture for non medical labour induction, if required, and postpartum support.

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